16 December 2012

Babsi's Birthday Bundt

My very dear friend Babsi celebrated her Dirty Thirty last Thursday and what better way to kick off your 30s then with a Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Bundt?

I have always admired a good looking bundt cake, but never had a pan hanging on my wall, let alone in my cupboard. I just so happened to be walking by the local kitchen store when I realized buying a bundt pan now would forever remind me of Babsi's birthday. So I dropped the $30 and got to baking.

Since i love eggs and cream and all things animal, I thought making a vegan cake would be a bit of a challenge, but not having to worry about whipping eggs or cream, this cake really took no time at all.

If you do not have a bundt pan, seriously consider asking for one for the holidays. If you are not convinced, just use a 9 inch round pan & make sure to  half the recipe.

The candles really make it special

[gluten free/Vegan]

Mint-Chocolate Bundt with Cashew Cream

adapted from Joy the Baker

[The Tools]
mixer/paddle attachment
measuring cups/spoons
butter knife
food processor with blade
clean fingers for noshing on the leftovers
mug for steeping peppermint tea

[The Goodies]
3 C Gluten Free Flour (good quick one is Pamela's*)
1 C Coconut Flour (I love "Let's Do Organic" Brand)
1 C Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2 C Sugar
2 tsp Baking Soda*
1/2 tsp Baking Powder*
1 tsp salt*
1/2 C melted Coconut Oil
2 C Warm Peppermint Tea (can use coffee)
1/2 C coconut milk
4 tsp Vanilla
*if you use a gluten free flour mix, it may already contain baking powder/soda/salt

cashew cream
1 C raw cashews
1 C water (may need more/less for consistency)
Drizzle of Maple Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla

[The Know How]
the cake
1. Mix wet ingredients in mixer
2. Add dry ingredients and mix until well incorporated
4. Pour into greased bundt pan
5. Bake at 350 degrees F in middle rack
6. Bake for 45 min+ until wood pick comes out clean
7. Let cool completely before popping out of pan 

Meanwhile...make the cashew cream
8. Put cashews in processor
9. While running, add water until cashews a pureed/resemble frosting
10.Drizzle maple syrup to desired sweetness
11. Add vanilla and continue puree until smooth
12. Once bundt is turned out, drizzle cashew cream on top & commence a sweet sweet Happy Birthday!

The Blazing Bundt

01 December 2012

Chopping Broccoli

BROCCOLI!! It is delicious when roasted and covered in garlic,italian meat and almond crust. Try it. I dare you.

*SUB-almond meal for Panko crumbs





27 November 2012

Sunday Brunch: Basil & Prosciutto Quiche

step up to the plate
There is no place like home. I am back from 2 weeks of family time in Boston and Denver. The trip began with surgery to reattach a nerve in my hand due to an infamous avocado incident a couple months back.
green monster
The usual vacation indulgence paired with doctor's order of no movement for 2 weeks has lead me to hit the reset button early. While most people exchange willpower and moderation for indulgence and eggnog this time of year, I have decided to step up to the plate and fight the sugary temptation now. Hey, if I can get through the holidays healthy, I can pretty much do anything. Tis the season.

My niece Amelia turns uno

Thurk/Dutton Boston Family Love
The most satisfying thing about reseting is finding inspiration in the kitchen and sharing every last bite with long lost friends. What better time to do this than Sunday bunch?


[The tools]
food processor
cutting board
9x11 baking dish, greased
small bowl
large mixing bowl

cooking by color
[The goodies]
4 C almond flour
6TBSP butta (i used Irish)+more to grease pan
1/2 C water (more or less, enough to bring together)
1/2 C sunflower seeds
16 eggs
1/2 cream
extra virgin olive oil
1 med yellow onion, diced
2-3oz prosciutto, chopped
small packed fresh basil, whole
1/3C chopped green chilies
5-6 purple potatoes, sliced thinly

My favorite
[The know how]
1. almond flour into processor
2. add butter and pulse until combined
3. add sunflower seeds & salt to taste
4. with processor running, add water until dough comes together
5. press evenly into bottom of greased baking dish
6. place in fridge until needed
7. heat skillet on med and add onion
8. cook until translucent and tender, 10 min or so
9. pour into a bowl and reserve
10. add a bit more oil to pan & flash fry potatoes
11. remove from heat
12. beat eggs and cream in a mixing bowl until mixed+salt/pepper
13. spread onion and chilies over top of almond flour crust
14. pour the egg mix into baking dish
15. line the rim with potato slices (acts as part of crust)
16. evenly place prosciutto & basil on top of egg mix
17. Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through (apx. 45 min)

MAKES 12 squares

Served with bacon and berries
Oh and don't forget the coffee!

11 November 2012

2 Coffees, a Chai & The Loaf

Good morning winter. White and fluffy. 2 coffees & a chai later my friend Erin and I are buzzing around the kitchen. Today we master the loaf, the punkin' blueberry, chocolate chip kind. Pairs well with the Broncos game.

Erin is preparing for the first morsel

Blueberry, Choco-Punkin' Loaf 

(Recipe from Paleo OMG, click link for recipe)
Erin introduced me to this blog and now I am introducing it to you.
*For more of a pumpkin flavor, add more pumpkin and less banana.
Go Donkeys.

Make the Cashew Butta

Whisk them eggs 

Get some honey made by the next door neighbor

Chocolate Chips: the mini kind

large blueberries: sweet and firm with smooth skin. of course.


Ok, enough photos, chow time!

06 November 2012

Election Day Comfort: Butternut Squash Soup

Near Monument Valley

Nothing calms my nerves like a bowl of soup

Butternut Squash Soup
Serves 4
[the tools]
(I use a pressure cooker^totally recommend!)
Cutting Board
Food Processor with blade

[The Goodies]
1 large (2lbs) butternut squash
1/2 white onion
2TBSP Tomato Paste
3 C Chicken Broth
2 TBSP Chili Powder
2 TBSP Cumin
1 tsp salt (add more to taste)
Pepper to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4-1/2C Heavy Cream
splash Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
(all are awesome, but optional)
Cream Fraiche
Chopped Green Chili
Shredded Chicken
Chopped Cilantro
Pine Nuts
Smooth Operator!

[The Know How]
1. Peel, seed & cube Butternut Squash
2. Thinly slice onion
3. Heat Stockpot over Med heat
4. Add Oil to coat bottom of Pot
5.Add Onion and scant of salt & cook until translucent (10 min)
5. Add Squash, cover & cook for 2o min
6. Add Tomato Paste, spices, & Broth & bring to a boil
7. Turn to a simmer until squash is tender (20 min)
8. Let cool
9. Working in batches, add squash mix to the food processor & puree
10. Return soup to pot & add Heavy Cream & salt/pepper to taste 
(also more spices if need be)
11. Warm over med heat for 5 more minutes
10. Scoop into bowls and add toppings

*If using a Pressure Cooker, once onions are cooked, add squash, broth and paste. Lock Lid on and cook for 10-15 minutes
**Make sure you know how to use a pressure cooker to avoid any harm.

^I served with a simple Arugula Salad and a hunk of Honey Seed Bread.

Here is to AMERICA!

Obama Oh My!

Vietnam Vet Memorial at Fruita Visitor's Center 

01 November 2012

the June Bug, the Elephant, the Frog & the Seeded Honey Bread

June Bug Jones
Amelia The Elephant
Tilly Girl "Ribbit"

Seeded Honey Bread

best served with a smear of jam, butta or to savor a runny yolk.
(adapted from Paleo Comfort Foods)

[The Tools]
2 Mixing Bowls
Measuring Cups/Spoons
Loaf Pan

[The Goodies]
3 1/2 C Almond Flour
3/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 spoonfuls Chia Seeds 
4 Eggs
1 TBSP Raw Local Honey
3/4 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 C Sunflower Seeds
1/4 C Pepitas
Coconut Oil

[The Know How]
1. Mix the dry goods in a bowl
2. Mix the Wet goods in a separate bowl
3. Pour wet over dry and whisk until mixed.
4. Grease loaf pan with coconut oil
5. Scoop batter into loaf pan and spread until even
6. Sprinkle more sunflower seeds & pepitas on top to create delicious crust
7. Bake at 350 F for 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean



30 October 2012


It has only taken me 4 full moons to give the blog some attention. It is also because I am officially "retired" and my first duty as a retiree is dusting off my cookbooks, magazines and creative side of the brain to bring you some inspiring & delicious eats.

The catalyst for my newfound inspiration, aside from the crazy full moon and having endless time, is making potato cakes. This fall purple is in and these outrageous potato cakes are super simple to make really adding some sass to the usual monday night dinner. They would make my Jewish grandmother proud, if I had a jewish grandmother.

Other worldly terms for potato cake:
Ireland: Boxty
Sweden: rårakor
Austrian, German, Polish, Yiddish: Latkes, Latkas
Ukranain, Belarusian, Russian: deruny, draniki

Full Moon Purple Potato Lat-Cakes

makes apx. 24-28 


Food Processor w/ shredding attachment
 (if you don't have one, get one!Cuisinart!)
Cutting Board
Kitchen Knife
Cheesecloth/Tea Towel or a few Paper Towels
Large Mixing Bowl
Small Bowl
Large Frying Pan
1/4 Dry Measuring Cup
1/2 Dry Measuring Cup


5-8 purple potatoes, (depending on size)
1/2 large yellow onion
4 sprigs fresh baby dill, chopped (or other herbs)
1/2 jalepeno, chopped (optional)
1/2 C Almond Flour
2 eggs
Olive Oil


1. Cut Potatoes in half (or smaller to fit into tube)
2. With shred attachment in place, turn on Processor 
3. Feed potatoes into processor to shred
4. Rinse Potatoes in Cold Water
5. Drain water
6. Make a pouch in Cheesecloth/Towel and scoop in potatoes 
7. Squeeze out all excess water (no one likes a soggy cake)
8. Scoop into large mixing bowl
9. Wipe out Processor and repeat steps 2-8 with onion
10. Throw in chopped Dill, Salt & Pepper to taste
11. Mix in 1/2 C Almond flour
12. Beat 2 eggs in small bowl and mix into potatoes
13. Get the Frying Pan Hot Hot Hot
14. Pour in Olive oil just enough to coat pan
15. Using 1/4 measuring cup, pack in potato mix 2/3 to top
16. Flip mix into frying pan and press firmly with bottom of measuring cup, forming a cake
17. Flip after a few minutes and cook other side until crispy & golden
18. Serve with Dijon Mustard or other desired dip

Keep the frying pan hot. This will cook the potatoes until crispy and to keep from falling apart.

I served these yummy cakes with a roasted chicken and mixed greens. DELISH

16 July 2012


Catching up with friends is a great way to get re-inspired. I spoke with my dear friend Blakely last week. She is someone I danced with in the kitchen learning how to create clean, rustic, local fare. Her website Lady Love Food will literally make you drool. She is living in the Hollywood Hills and to get creative in the kitchen being hungry helps. Surfing to work up an appetite, she hits up local markets to find ingredients to feed her hunger pains until her next session.

Our conversation was making me hungry for her Summer Squash "pasta" and Walnut-Kale Pesto. That is until she asked me if I had any new recipes to drool over. Silence. What? Nothing to say? That is a rarity. Northing worth drooling over?  Thank you Blakely for making me realize I have been neglecting a part of my life that I usually make drool worthy. 

This is the season for primal eaters to get creative with the amount of food that grows around us. I hope to fill your bellies and pantries with the fabulous ingredients of summer.

Off to dance my way through the kitchen. The only thing missing is mama Blakely. 

Keep peeking back for recipes with a drool factor. Now, go get hungry!

Blakely and Me taking a break from the kitchen at Black Canyon of the Gunnison (ages ago)

13 July 2012

Summer Hunting, Gathering, Nourishing

I just looked at the calendar, really looked at it. Wowsa, it is middle of July. Besides Le Tour De France being the symbol of summer, I cannot believe we are in the thick of it.  Let's go back in time so I can explain why I have neglected to write.  This will be done with some words and lots of photos so I don't bore you with wordy details.

I have been rolling along the pavement and dirt of Utah, Colorado and Arizona hunting, gathering and nourishing many things.  My office is my bike and the view is better then a CEOs. Behind my desk,  I reflect, guide, absorb, listen, breath, taste all that surrounds me. I sound like a spiritual goof, but it has really helped me figure out what makes me tick. 

I am now sorting all of these new insights to share, but until then here are some of my moments of summer.


Fresh Figs
Local Goat Cheese
High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
French Sea Salt or other
Fresh Cracked Pepper

*If you can get your hands on fresh figs, make these and eat them.
Pairs well with Peleton Magazine

The calories consumed in one week on tour. Lots of fruits/veggies!

Monument Valley 

A big source of  inspiration: Mountainfilm Telluride

Hoodoo you think you are? Bryce Canyon

New Friends: Let's call him Hans

The pretty and Stable Wall Street

Leading our own cattle drive

Reflection time in the Rio Grande

My niece Amelia screams summer.
Feeding my brain with bike mechanical knowledge

Afternoon naps are a summer fav

Top Tube Wisdom 

The Billboard to my summer

Lilacs mean warm days are upon us

My kind of rollers

How I tell time. what side the shadows are on