16 July 2012


Catching up with friends is a great way to get re-inspired. I spoke with my dear friend Blakely last week. She is someone I danced with in the kitchen learning how to create clean, rustic, local fare. Her website Lady Love Food will literally make you drool. She is living in the Hollywood Hills and to get creative in the kitchen being hungry helps. Surfing to work up an appetite, she hits up local markets to find ingredients to feed her hunger pains until her next session.

Our conversation was making me hungry for her Summer Squash "pasta" and Walnut-Kale Pesto. That is until she asked me if I had any new recipes to drool over. Silence. What? Nothing to say? That is a rarity. Northing worth drooling over?  Thank you Blakely for making me realize I have been neglecting a part of my life that I usually make drool worthy. 

This is the season for primal eaters to get creative with the amount of food that grows around us. I hope to fill your bellies and pantries with the fabulous ingredients of summer.

Off to dance my way through the kitchen. The only thing missing is mama Blakely. 

Keep peeking back for recipes with a drool factor. Now, go get hungry!

Blakely and Me taking a break from the kitchen at Black Canyon of the Gunnison (ages ago)

13 July 2012

Summer Hunting, Gathering, Nourishing

I just looked at the calendar, really looked at it. Wowsa, it is middle of July. Besides Le Tour De France being the symbol of summer, I cannot believe we are in the thick of it.  Let's go back in time so I can explain why I have neglected to write.  This will be done with some words and lots of photos so I don't bore you with wordy details.

I have been rolling along the pavement and dirt of Utah, Colorado and Arizona hunting, gathering and nourishing many things.  My office is my bike and the view is better then a CEOs. Behind my desk,  I reflect, guide, absorb, listen, breath, taste all that surrounds me. I sound like a spiritual goof, but it has really helped me figure out what makes me tick. 

I am now sorting all of these new insights to share, but until then here are some of my moments of summer.


Fresh Figs
Local Goat Cheese
High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
French Sea Salt or other
Fresh Cracked Pepper

*If you can get your hands on fresh figs, make these and eat them.
Pairs well with Peleton Magazine

The calories consumed in one week on tour. Lots of fruits/veggies!

Monument Valley 

A big source of  inspiration: Mountainfilm Telluride

Hoodoo you think you are? Bryce Canyon

New Friends: Let's call him Hans

The pretty and Stable Wall Street

Leading our own cattle drive

Reflection time in the Rio Grande

My niece Amelia screams summer.
Feeding my brain with bike mechanical knowledge

Afternoon naps are a summer fav

Top Tube Wisdom 

The Billboard to my summer

Lilacs mean warm days are upon us

My kind of rollers

How I tell time. what side the shadows are on