03 June 2010


FAILURE: the omission of expected or required action.

 SUCCESS: accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

 How do you define Success vs. Failure? People may argue that without failure, one cannot succeed. You know the whole making mistakes can lead to growth idea? I agree with the idea that people can turn a failure into success, whether we are talking about a business or a race or just the facts of life, but it is when people excuse their failures because they choose to omit facts or required action, that really gets me.

 Do you like to succeed at your job? Do you get bonuses for accomplishment? Or do you just omit expectations of your job? Think of that in terms of life. Treat life like it is your job. Yes, you will fail from time to time, but you have the choice, as you do in your job. If you fail, maybe your get three strikes, but then you are fired. If you keep failing in life, one day, you will be out. dead. done-ski.I believe the obesity epidemic in the U.S is on its 2nd strike and each citizen has the choice to take action, to succeed. People need to look at their failures, "turn 180 degrees and take a step forward". 

I am so lucky to live in Telluride where an annual fesitaval called, MountainFilm, arrives with inspiring films on environment and love and consumption and the facts of life and how we get back to the essentials. This year was particularly inspiring because a common theme was present, choice. In my heart, the choice is my passion for the phyical health and mental well-being of the world, especially obese America. The quote, "turn 180 degrees and take a step forward" came from a film I saw, called 180 Degrees South. It is about conservation in Patagonia, South America, and while the plot is relevant to environmental health, the take away message I received is CHOICE. Whether you choose to help the environment or yourself, or just sit back and watch everything around you deteriorate, aiming for success or omitting failure, lies in your hands.