31 July 2011


I recently had a friend who is a long time local, super athlete and CrossFitter, call me up and ask me about Paleo. As the story goes, I told him the premise, what food groups are involved and why I am such an advocate.

He then told me it was going to be published in Q & A form in a publication called Telluride Magazine. This magazine is what locals read on the gondola or waiting for someone when they have nothing else to read and it definitely what all tourists pick up on their way into town to see what the latest happenings are in our small box canyon.

Since this "interview" was done so long ago, it was not until my friends from Boulder graced me with their presence on their road trip 14er honeymoon, that I became aware "my interview" was in the magazine. The fact that my information is in the magazine and no one has contacted me and that I have been neglecting this blog finds me writing once again to re-inspire those who were followers.

It could also be that the Q & A has a subtle mockery to it that in my opinion would not be taken seriously by its readers. Therefor, I am writing a disclaimer that the article merely scratches the surface of the many benefits of Paleo and in my case, like many of it's followers, I have an autoimmune disorder and Paleo has allowed me the freedom from pharmaceuticals!

If you are really curious about the diet, please post a comment.


Feeling inspired by my sweet tooth and being back on the Paleo hunt,  I decided to bake.  Here is what I came up with.

2 C Almond Flour
1 C Coconut Flour
1T Baking Powder
scant salt
scant cinnamon
small scant cloves
6 EGGS ( Iknow it's a lot, but it holds them together well.)
1/4 C OIL (grapeseed, I only had olive, but a neutral oil will be better)
4T Agave Nectar
PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 degrees F
1. Mix wet ingredients (eggs, vanilla, oil, agave)
2. Add dry( flours, spices, salt, baking powder)
3. Spoon batter into prepared muffin tins, lined with muffin cups that have been sprayed/oiled
  *fill each cup 1/2 first, then top each off when all 12 are filled.
4. Bake for 10-15 minutes...depending on your oven. 
5. Enjoy with a spread of your favorite farmer's market jam or eat plain.

Hooray for test kitchen experiments that work!