27 November 2012

Sunday Brunch: Basil & Prosciutto Quiche

step up to the plate
There is no place like home. I am back from 2 weeks of family time in Boston and Denver. The trip began with surgery to reattach a nerve in my hand due to an infamous avocado incident a couple months back.
green monster
The usual vacation indulgence paired with doctor's order of no movement for 2 weeks has lead me to hit the reset button early. While most people exchange willpower and moderation for indulgence and eggnog this time of year, I have decided to step up to the plate and fight the sugary temptation now. Hey, if I can get through the holidays healthy, I can pretty much do anything. Tis the season.

My niece Amelia turns uno

Thurk/Dutton Boston Family Love
The most satisfying thing about reseting is finding inspiration in the kitchen and sharing every last bite with long lost friends. What better time to do this than Sunday bunch?


[The tools]
food processor
cutting board
9x11 baking dish, greased
small bowl
large mixing bowl

cooking by color
[The goodies]
4 C almond flour
6TBSP butta (i used Irish)+more to grease pan
1/2 C water (more or less, enough to bring together)
1/2 C sunflower seeds
16 eggs
1/2 cream
extra virgin olive oil
1 med yellow onion, diced
2-3oz prosciutto, chopped
small packed fresh basil, whole
1/3C chopped green chilies
5-6 purple potatoes, sliced thinly

My favorite
[The know how]
1. almond flour into processor
2. add butter and pulse until combined
3. add sunflower seeds & salt to taste
4. with processor running, add water until dough comes together
5. press evenly into bottom of greased baking dish
6. place in fridge until needed
7. heat skillet on med and add onion
8. cook until translucent and tender, 10 min or so
9. pour into a bowl and reserve
10. add a bit more oil to pan & flash fry potatoes
11. remove from heat
12. beat eggs and cream in a mixing bowl until mixed+salt/pepper
13. spread onion and chilies over top of almond flour crust
14. pour the egg mix into baking dish
15. line the rim with potato slices (acts as part of crust)
16. evenly place prosciutto & basil on top of egg mix
17. Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through (apx. 45 min)

MAKES 12 squares

Served with bacon and berries
Oh and don't forget the coffee!

11 November 2012

2 Coffees, a Chai & The Loaf

Good morning winter. White and fluffy. 2 coffees & a chai later my friend Erin and I are buzzing around the kitchen. Today we master the loaf, the punkin' blueberry, chocolate chip kind. Pairs well with the Broncos game.

Erin is preparing for the first morsel

Blueberry, Choco-Punkin' Loaf 

(Recipe from Paleo OMG, click link for recipe)
Erin introduced me to this blog and now I am introducing it to you.
*For more of a pumpkin flavor, add more pumpkin and less banana.
Go Donkeys.

Make the Cashew Butta

Whisk them eggs 

Get some honey made by the next door neighbor

Chocolate Chips: the mini kind

large blueberries: sweet and firm with smooth skin. of course.


Ok, enough photos, chow time!

06 November 2012

Election Day Comfort: Butternut Squash Soup

Near Monument Valley

Nothing calms my nerves like a bowl of soup

Butternut Squash Soup
Serves 4
[the tools]
(I use a pressure cooker^totally recommend!)
Cutting Board
Food Processor with blade

[The Goodies]
1 large (2lbs) butternut squash
1/2 white onion
2TBSP Tomato Paste
3 C Chicken Broth
2 TBSP Chili Powder
2 TBSP Cumin
1 tsp salt (add more to taste)
Pepper to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4-1/2C Heavy Cream
splash Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
(all are awesome, but optional)
Cream Fraiche
Chopped Green Chili
Shredded Chicken
Chopped Cilantro
Pine Nuts
Smooth Operator!

[The Know How]
1. Peel, seed & cube Butternut Squash
2. Thinly slice onion
3. Heat Stockpot over Med heat
4. Add Oil to coat bottom of Pot
5.Add Onion and scant of salt & cook until translucent (10 min)
5. Add Squash, cover & cook for 2o min
6. Add Tomato Paste, spices, & Broth & bring to a boil
7. Turn to a simmer until squash is tender (20 min)
8. Let cool
9. Working in batches, add squash mix to the food processor & puree
10. Return soup to pot & add Heavy Cream & salt/pepper to taste 
(also more spices if need be)
11. Warm over med heat for 5 more minutes
10. Scoop into bowls and add toppings

*If using a Pressure Cooker, once onions are cooked, add squash, broth and paste. Lock Lid on and cook for 10-15 minutes
**Make sure you know how to use a pressure cooker to avoid any harm.

^I served with a simple Arugula Salad and a hunk of Honey Seed Bread.

Here is to AMERICA!

Obama Oh My!

Vietnam Vet Memorial at Fruita Visitor's Center 

01 November 2012

the June Bug, the Elephant, the Frog & the Seeded Honey Bread

June Bug Jones
Amelia The Elephant
Tilly Girl "Ribbit"

Seeded Honey Bread

best served with a smear of jam, butta or to savor a runny yolk.
(adapted from Paleo Comfort Foods)

[The Tools]
2 Mixing Bowls
Measuring Cups/Spoons
Loaf Pan

[The Goodies]
3 1/2 C Almond Flour
3/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 spoonfuls Chia Seeds 
4 Eggs
1 TBSP Raw Local Honey
3/4 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 C Sunflower Seeds
1/4 C Pepitas
Coconut Oil

[The Know How]
1. Mix the dry goods in a bowl
2. Mix the Wet goods in a separate bowl
3. Pour wet over dry and whisk until mixed.
4. Grease loaf pan with coconut oil
5. Scoop batter into loaf pan and spread until even
6. Sprinkle more sunflower seeds & pepitas on top to create delicious crust
7. Bake at 350 F for 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean