24 January 2012

I Don't Even Have Time to Title This.

Have any of you slowed down since the holidays? Me neither. I have been busier then ever. I am blessed to have a great job that challenges me daily, a wonderful group of friends to keep me entertained in the great outdoors and a family that is growing (no, I am not having kids, yet), keeping me connected to my roots.

I have a new niece who is about 2 months old and she is the most amazing bundle of silly faces and sounds that it makes me think about fresh starts and simply being healthy and happy. Amelia Rae pops in my head many times in my daily grind when I become overwhelmed with life. Everything for her is so simple and joyful and when it's not, she will let you know. Thurk and I talk about what it would be like if adults could throw temper tantrums when things do not go their way. Hilarious.

I went on my very first hut trip this weekend with 6 of my dear friends and I deemed myself the hut chef! With a hot toddy in one hand, cooking utensil stirring dinner on top of an 11,000ft wood burning fireplace in the other, watching a storm sweep up 14,000ft peaks in the distance, I felt like I could live this simply this without hesitation.

We woke up on our last day at the Last Dollar Hut with 16 inches of champagne powder. It is the most priceless experience seeing  all of us ski bums who have been in a snow drought for some time,grinning ear to ear as we tour around the fresh snow under a bluebird sky!

Now, back to reality. I have been working hard and playing hard, so tonight is the first time I have had to organize my life. With June as my helper, in two hours I have managed to do all the washing blah blah blah and in a rush to get some dinner going, threw together a bomb.com dish!

Let's call it: MY LIFE & AN ACORN SQUASH:

1 Acorn Squash, peeled, halved & seeded
1lb ground buffalo
1/2 yellow onion chopped
1/2 can coconut milk
3T tomato paste
3T Sate spice (or other tasty spice you like)
olive oil 
chicken broth
pinch of salt
garnish with fresh greens
(and hot sauce if you are an addict like me)

The Know How:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
1. Heat olive oil in pan
2. Add onions, saute until translucent
3. add buffalo and cook through
4. add coconut milk, tomato paste, sate, & salt
5. While cooking, take a baking pan out & drizzle with olive oil
6. place 2 acorn halves in pan (seeded center face up)
7. add buffalo mix evenly between 2 acorn halves (you will have leftover)
8. Add Chicken broth to cover bottom of dish
9. bake for 30 minutes or until squash is tender to the prick of a fork

Enjoy with some Prosecco & the new episode of The Bachelor (don't judge...this is what I do when I have a night to myself)