26 April 2010


I just got back from France. Yes, France. It was amazing. If you have never been there, go. It is a beautiful country. When you go, ski. The French Alps are wonderful! Climb too. Fontainebleu is the birthplace of bouldering. Oh and see Paris! Lots of history there. Oh, and eat. Eat what they eat because it is delish. On every corner there is a cute cafe or spot to grab a pastry or pan du chocolate, or an espresso or beer. What I am really getting at is that even though we go to lengths to eat well or change our diets, the best part of traveling to new and different places is the food. Being the foodie that I am and also a believer of Paleo, I also know it is important to immerse yourself in a culture, and food is the best way I know of.

Yes, I ate croissants and baguettes, and drank beer, and ate cheese (mmmm), but the best part about indulging in holiday fun, is that when you come home, you know it is time to put the game face back on. On this trip I realized  that all of those things that I ate along the way made my trip more enjoyable, not to mention most photos I took were of food (photos to come). I also realized that I love eating in a hunter-gatherer way because when the holiday high wore off, I was feeling a little run down.

Moral of the story is, and the way I am easing back into this blog, is to tell you that when you step out of your routine and embark on an adventure, my hope is that when you return to your routine, that you are satisfied and ready to get back to how you look, feel and perform.

Bon Suis.