29 May 2012

the number 1 & a shrimp salad

Why is it that when life gets away from us we let it ride until the a new month and "day 1"gives us a sort of landmark in time to reaffirm our goals already made from all of the  "day 1"s every month prior?

I haphazardly find myself in this pattern often, especially when I do not make time for myself. I love to work and I love to nurture and care for others. With that, I leave no time to work or nurture or care for myself. The number 1 symbolizes a fresh start to me and the danger in that is that it leads to excuses when it comes to sticking to a set of goals from days 2-31.

 I watched that TED talk awhile back and the message really struck me. I find the same thing with using the beginning of the month as a milestone. I feel excited and organized and ready to conquer my goals for the month. Sure enough, once the middle of the month arrives, I have already set my goals aside for other things I excuse as more important.

The reason I share this on my blog is because it helps me be accountable for my failures and disappointments when I do not see results/change. We are all full of excuses and quick to point our finger at something that stands in our way. Well, my friends, we are the only thing in our way.

 From here on out, when the goal gets lost in the mix, find it, remind yourself daily and continue on through the month, the year and the minutes, days and hours that follow. Don't wait until the next milestone to try again. We all know how quickly time passes us by and when waiting for the goal in mind to fall at your feet, don't expect your goals to.

 Don't be a shrimp, just eat them!

-1 lb medium cooked shrimp (thawed,peeled & deveined)
-1/4-1/2 Cup chopped cashews handful chopped cilantro
-1/4 cup greek yogurt, plain
-1/2 chopped cucumber
-1/2 cup chopped pineapple (can use canned if no time for fresh.. just make sure no added sugar)
-1 tsp cumin
-1TBSP sesame oil
-2-3 shakes Tamari Soy Sauce (I know soy is not the best, but in moderation and a small amount. Make sure it is GFree. leave out if soy bothers you)
-salt/pepper to taste
The How:
Mix it all together

I love to eat this with avocado. Good fats, filling and delicioso.