19 May 2010

HGN meets JB & Me

Today, I spoke with Blakely Stein, friend and owner of a lovely and delicious catering and private chef business called, JB & Me. Check out the newly added link on the right. Good stuff. During our chat, we agreed that a great compliment to her business would be to have my nutrition experience on hand. Not to mention, I have the opportunity to work by her side, creating great food for this summer season. Look for us at Telluride Farmers Market.

Since Blakely believes in organic, quality, fresh and healthy food, and caters to those taste-buds who eat this way, we thought it would be a great way to inspire clients to eat healthy, and also help them gain knowledge about the nourishment behind the food prepared.

As a CrossFit nutritionist, the most frequently asked question I receive it not necessarily about the research behind the healthy eating way, but on the topic of recipes and food pairings. This is where JB & Me will be a valuable asset, as it will get me back in the kitchen on a professional level, bringing all of you readers out there some amazing recipes to keep you full and healthy.

My long term goal is to offer potential clients a Personal Nutrition Workshop, involving meal planning and menus with the help of JB & Me. This workshop will give clients a one month hands on approach to looking, feeling and performing better in all aspects of life.

More to come on the development of Personal Nutrition Workshops. Until then, find a new piece of produce in season and get cooking!!!

03 May 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: eating simply

Most people who read this blog, or any other nutrition blog, have a sense of health and wellness. However, there are so many people out there who do not. This video from Food Revolution is a way to reach those who do not know the difference between eating from the garden and eating from the box.

I wanted to share this video because when you decide to take control of your health, it is easy to get overwhelmed with what this person says is best for you and what that person says, and Jaime Oliver does a great job of creating a simple and fun visual of what eating should really mean. While I have enjoyed eating Paleo, mostly gluten-free, dairy free, I feel that simplifying your diet is the easiest way to stay healthy and happy. Jaime Oliver does the same thing on his new show to teach people great ways of eating without getting lost in the details.

If you have tried Paleo and can't seem to stick to it or do not feel compelled to take that plunge, I recommend taking a minimalist approach to eating. This follows many of the same principles as Paleo, but without saying you should only eat that way.

This week, try cooking everything from the land instead of from a box or can, this includes seasoning. Try using minimal ingredients, like olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh herbs and spices and always buy organic produce and grass-fed meat. 

Once you notice your body working more efficiently, try taking away some sugar, salt, dairy, grains, etc. Your body will tell you what it likes and what is does not, but you have to be attentive.