29 December 2009

Good Living From 2010 to Life

Here is to a great year in 2009 and an even healthier one in 2010!.

Oh and here is to living in a place that makes being healthy and active easy. This is my backyard and what motivates me to keep my health up. What motivates you. Do it, 2010 is almost here and what better way then to get out and play.

27 December 2009

THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN SET...get your kitchen ready!

Hi. Hope everyone had a great holiday! Now that 2010 is around the corner and that being said, most of you have some sort of goal lined up to conquer in the coming months. I am here to say that Paleo Challenge 2010 is approaching. Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

Saturday, January 9th, 2010. 10am (following the 9am workout)
    We will discuss the rules of the challenge, compliance, my support for you and how you can take it to the next level!!!

Cost: $40. $20 goes to the pot for best male and female challenger.
                    $20 goes to me for any support, recipes, weekly talks to help you through the roller coaster and go in depth on specifics of Paleo, organize paleo pot luck gatherings, etc.... The more people ,the bigger the reward for your hard work!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010. First Paleo Challenge workout.  Endurance
Please attend this day as it will be recorded for each challenger and done again at the end of the challenge to judge results! Make sense? This workout will give you an idea of how you perform at longer more cardio –based workouts

Wednesday, January 13, 2010. 2nd Paleo Challenge workout. Strength
This workout will also be used as a reference in determining winners based on performance of the challenge. This workout will give you an idea of where you stand on fundamental strength in CrossFit.

Thursday, January 14, 2010. Official start of Paleo Challenge.
This will be discussed in full detail at the intro meeting on the 9th.

These workouts are mandatory to be eligible for the reward at the end of the challenge. These will be judged along with other factors throughout the challenge in order to determine winners!!!

TOTAL CHALLENGE TIME: 8 weeks, end date March, 11, 2010. 

10 December 2009


After seeing the way the next few weeks play out and that all of that revolves around holiday and working, etc.... CrossFit Telluride and I have decided to make the session start after the new year. This allows everyone to get through the holidays and get back here in time for some serious Nutrition and performance time to get 2010 going right!!!!

THE DATE: JANUARY 9th, 2010, Saturday
WHERE: CrossFit Telluride
WHEN: 11am

Keep reading the blog for details and we will see you motivated and fit in 2010!

If anyone who is not affiliated with CrossFit and wants to know more, please email me or call

Happy New Year!

05 December 2009


COMMENT BELOW on what you all would think about a weekly or bi-weekly talk on varying topics of health and wellness and Paleo? They would be held after the 6:15 evening and/ or morning classes one day a week. Topics would come from you and from my current research! They would spare an extra 30 minutes and would be a donation based event.

I would love to share my research with you and get you psyched for the PALEO CHALLENGE I will implement in January with the help of CrossFit Telluride.

What do you think?